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Our Website & Resort ADA Accessibility

Boykin Management Company is dedicated to creating and maintaining an inclusive environment in all of our businesses. This includes the online assets representing our resort collection. We have updated our resort websites to allow guests with physical disabilities to have an enjoyable and equal experience. We have made the following enhancements to our sites:

  1. Keyboard accessibility – guest can use their keyboards or other secondary device to navigate through the site by “tabbing” through all selectable options and take an action.
  2. Secondary descriptors or “Alt Descriptions” – Images on the site contain descriptions of what they are for descriptive screen readers.
  3. All form fields for input are in a logical, tabbing order.
  4. Adjusted all titles to H1 tags.
  5. Videos contain links for guests with disabilities.
  6. There are no color changing, “strobing” or other image/color flashing effects.
  7. All sites have the static Skip Navigation site wide
  8. Language tag included.
  9. Added label tags to all input tags.
  10. No redundant links.
  11. No “skipped heading level” errors.
  12. No use of underlined text.
  13. Decorative graphics with no other function have empty alt descriptions.
  14. Improved text contrast.

Resort accessibility:

Please contact the resort General Manager.